pvra (read as pú-ra) means pure in Portuguese, reflecting the making process of our glass pieces. From the raw materials transmuted in hellish furnaces to the crystal-clear glass you recognize, a strange magic happens. This transformation is what pvra represents. It's as much about glass design as it is about the artisans and the craft behind.

A Forgotten Art

Blowing glass is a craftsmanship practiced in Portugal since the 16th century. Initially, the industry was developed to produce coloured stained glass, decorating the several churches being built at the time. Eventually, realizing the utility of glass, dedicated factories were erected. Many survived and even thrive today.

Despite the industrial scale of glass production, various pieces are still handmade by skilled artisans who spent years honing their craft. Sadly, such people and methods are becoming a rarity

The People Behind It

When co-founding PVRA, two long-time friends Francisco and João, felt this art was under-appreciated and underused. In an era where plastic has become one of the most pervasive and dangerous pollutants on Earth, glass emerges as an intelligent solution.

It is our mission to bring this art back to the general public and encourage new artists to learn it as well. Due to the malleable nature of glass, we believe there’s room for infinite innovation and creativity. Anyone with a vision can contribute. If you feel this is you, don’t hesitate in contacting us.