frequently asked questions


Is my piece unique?

Yes. All of our pieces are handmade by masters of their craft. The nature of blown glass won’t allow for copies and mass production. Your decanter is truly one of a kind and you can check the bottom of the piece for their individual serial number.


Will it fall?

No. After many tests and experiments, our artisans have found an ideal technique to ensure the glass’s weight always balances towards the neck side. We took things a step further and filled it with the thickest of liquids in the hanging part only. We had a 100% success rate.


What’s the average shipping time?

Our shipping time to Portugal varies between 1-4 days. To other countries, it takes between 1-2 weeks. Please note that closer destinations such as countries within the European Union will have faster shipping times than outside of it.


How do I clean my decanter?

We recommend you clean it regularly and immediately after use. This will ensure no spots or accumulation of sediments.

Firstly, rinse pvra’s decanter to remove any remaining wine. Fill it with lukewarm water (do not use boiling water) and leave to soak until you are ready to clean. This will soften any stains or marks. Finally, you can also use a decanter cleaning brush, specifically designed for this purpose.

Check our exhaustive guide here for more details.


Can my decanter go in the washing machine?

No. Blown glass is susceptible to heat and the tablets of powder may have scouring agents that trigger the corroding process.


How do I dry my decanter?

Drying a decanter is important as not to encourage water spots. Hang it upside down so water does not get trapped inside. Be sure to leave it on a cloth so it won’t get scratched. Alternatively, you can use a decanter stand which will facilitate this process. To make drying faster, there are many decanter dryers available - long thin tubes of gauze filled with silica gel to absorb those stubborn drops.